• Mongolian discovery week

One week to learn the most about Mongolia’s horse culture!

You only have one week to spend surrounded by horses and learn the most about Mongolia? Our discovery week is the best option to get the most of your trip in a nice and comfortable environment. Don’t wait and come to spend 7 days with us at Stepperiders ger camp!

Sleeping every night in a warm and comfortable ger and fed by our wonderful cook, this trek is ideal for families and people who would like to experiment different activities in a limited time. It is also perfect for people who are not ready to give up on the comfort of a bed and a regular shower.

This trek comprises plenty of horse riding and will allow you to discover Mongolia’s horse culture spending a whole day with a nomadic family, taking horseman lessons and archery.

You will also go on an excursion to Hustai National Park where you will see the famous Mongolian Wild Horses also know as Przewalski horses. And you will also stop for a hike in Terelj National park to see the Turtle Rock, which hid monks during the repression, and the Meditation Temple with its beautiful panorama.

Join us at Stepperiders for a fun discovery week. Suitable for all horse riding levels.

Horse riding
Mongolian archery
Wildlife observation
Nomad experience
Terelj National park
Hustai National park

Day 1. Horse riding
You will arrive at Stepperiders in the morning or the night before. Start with a morning and afternoon horse ride in the steppe during which you will get to know our horses and the camp’s surrounding. You will come back to Stepperiders for lunch to enjoy and nice meal from our cook. In the evening you can do some basketball or relax outside to enjoy the peaceful and starry night. You will spend the night in a warm Mongolian ger in which you will stay for the whole week.

Day 2. Excursion to Hustai National Park
After breakfast you will go on a jeep excursion in Hustai National Park. There, you will look for the very famous Mongolian Wild Horses, the Takhi, also know as Przewalski horse. This horse is the only horse species worldwide which has never been domesticated! Hiking in the park you might see more wildlife such as the red deer, marmots and many bird species. Stop when you want for a nice picnic with a view on the Takhi. At the end of the day you will return to Stepperiders ger camp for dinner and to spend the night in your ger.

Day 3. Day horse trek
Jump on your horse in the morning for a whole day horse trek in the steppe. You will travel across beautiful hills and see many animals grazing peacefully. At lunch you will picnic in the middle of nowhere with only you, your horses and your guide. Nothing more relaxing than a day traveling at horse pace in a peaceful environment. At the end of the day enjoy a nice shower at Stepperiders and spend the rest of the evening in our big ger with other guests chatting, playing chess or relaxing in your ger.

Day 4. Test your horse skills
Start the day with a horsemanship lessons! You will be able to try the lasso that our horsemen use to catch the horses, learn how to take care of the horses, try some bareback riding and for the boldest try to pick up stones from the ground. This will be a fun morning where you will be able to have a different horse experience and challenge yourself. Our horsemen have spent their whole life surrounded by horses and will be delighted to share their knowledge with you.
In the afternoon you will have an introduction to Mongolian archery. Start on the ground aiming at sand bags, and later try it from horseback, first at a stop but later walking and even trotting! The best way to feel like a Chinggis Khan warrior! This will be a very special and memorable day to see Mongolian horse culture and to share with your friends once back home.
After dinner, climb the camp hill to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Day 5. Terelj National Park
Leave in the morning for an excursion to Terelj National Park. Start visiting the famous Turtle Rock where monks were hidden during the repression. After this visit you will hike to the Ariyabal Meditation Temple with a picnic stop on the way. At the Meditation Temple you will see one of the most beautiful panoramas of the region! And there, turn the big wheel and discover your personal buddhist tip which you will find on the way to the temple. If you have the chance spend some time discussing with the Lhamas who will be happy to share some of their knowledge and stories with you.
Return at Stepperiders for dinner at the end of the afternoon.

Day 6. Nomadic Family
You will spend the whole day with a nomadic family to learn about this ancestral way of life. You will be able to help with the animals (milking, combing, herding) and other activities (producing airag, Mongolian cooking). The tasks change with the seasons but you will definitely have a great experience. You will have the time to discuss with the herders and ask them about their way of life and challenges. They will also be very interested in your life and why you came to their country. A great day of sharing that you will remember forever!

Day 7. Horse riding
This is your last day at Stepperiders. You will go horse riding in the morning and afternoon with your horses and come back to camp for the lunch break. At end of the afternoon, and after sad goodbyes with the staff, we will drive you back to Ulaanbaatar (possibility to stay overnight and be dropped of in Ulaanbaatar the following morning).

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from April to October – contact us to book your dates

Confirmed dates:

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Tour Price:

6 – 8 pax: 660 USD per person.

4 – 5 pax: 715 USD per person.

2 – 3 pax: 770 USD per person.

1 pax: 830 USD per person.

Price Includes:
Pick up / drop off (Airport: anytime, Ulaanbaatar city: 09:00 or 16:00)
All described activities
All meals
Accommodation in a ger at Stepperiders
Entrance fees for national parks and museum