• Horse Trekking To Lake Huvsgul

Trek to Mongolia’s beautiful lake, transition between steppe and taiga

This horse trek will take you to the most pristine nature and glacier lakes. Located in the northern part of Mongolia, Lake Huvsgul marks the boarder between two worlds: the steppe and the taiga. Another particularity of this region is that very special people live there. Indeed, it is the home of the reindeer herders, also called Tsaatan, from the Darkhad ethnic group. Those people live of reindeer herding and they can even ride them like horses. Plus, contrarily to other Mongolian nomads who live in gers, the Tsaatan live in tipis.
The Huvsgul Nuur national park is one of Mongolia’s top scenic attractions consisting of high mountains, known as Khordil saridag, thick pine forests, lush meadows, and of course the beautiful lake Huvsgul.You will ride in hidden trails in the mountains and across the valleys of the national parks. During summer you will have the chance to see many colorful flowers along the way. And you will often come across grazing yacks and horses.
You will reach this beautiful national park by car and start you horse adventure there. 6 days of horse riding are awaiting you, covering about 25 to 30km of trail each day. Some of the route might be difficult with muddy meadows and streams to cross on horseback. But this is worth the stunning landscape and total immersion in nature you will experience. And don’t worry it is only a small part of the trek.
This trek is supported by camping equipment and a cook. Each night will be spent in a different beautiful and peaceful camping spot.
Possibility to fly from Ulaanbaatar to Murun to save time and/or extend the horse trek.
Come and ride with us.
Dates: 10 days / 9 nights

Day 1. Extinct Volcanoes Uran Togoo Mountain.

Day 2. Lake Huvsgul.

Day 3. Jankhai Pass & Visit at Reindeer Herders Family.

Day 4 – 6. Yamaat, Ikh & Uran Dosh Worshipped Mountain. (About 2900m)

Day 7. Har Us Spring, Lake Huvsgul.

Day 8. Lake Huvsgul Side.

Day 9 – 10. Journey back to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 1: Extinct Volcanoes Mountain in Bulgan Province

In the morning, we will start our journey towards northern Mongolia by car. We will stop on the way to visit the extinct volcanoes of Uran Togoo mountain. This region erupted about 25’000 years ago and will visit the remains of this eruption.
We will camp nearby and spend our first evening together around the fire playing cards or learning about Mongolian culture.

Day 2: Travel to Lake Huvsgul

In the morning we will continue our road to Lake Huvsgul, the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia. It is also the cousin of the very famous Lake Baikal into which its water is drained after traveling through the Siberian forest.
On the way, we will take a break at Murun, the capital city of the Huvsgul province. Then we will keep traveling to the lake where we will arrive in the late evening.
Camping overnight on the lake side.

Day 3: Horse Trekking to Jankhai Pass in the Huvsgul Lake National Park

Our horse trek adventure will start in the morning. We will pack up and mount our horses to begin our visit of the national park. We will meet at reindeer family and an get introduction to their unique lifestyle. Indeed contrarily to the other Mongolian nomads who live in gers, the Tsaatan live in tipis. Plus their livestock is mainly composed of reindeers, that they ride like horses.
We will spend the night camping in a new beautiful spot.

Day 4 – 6: Horse Trekking to Yamaat & Uran Dosh Worshiped Mountain – elevation 2900m

During those 3 full days of horse trekking, we will ride in a narrow valley between the park’s high mountains. We will traverse the marsh, mud, wet meadows and rivers which will be quite adventurous. The mountains are surrounded by trees and forest, you will feel like in paradise. Last day of mountain riding, we will cross to worshiped mountain pass, Uran Dosh, and admire a panoramic view of the lake Huvsgul.
Stay overnight in our tents enjoy this peaceful landscape.

Day 7: Horse Trekking to Black Water Spring, Lake Huvsgul

We will ride down the mountains to reach the Black water mineral spring which is located at lake shore. You will have time to enjoy a nice swim in the lake.
Stay overnight on the bank of the lake side.

Day 8: Horse Trekking on Lake Huvsgul Side

This will be our last day horse riding. We will ride all day along the lake and enjoy from its surrounding.
Last night camping in the Huvsgul national park.

Day 9 – 10: Journey back to Ulaanbaatar

Those 2 days will be spent traveling back towards Ulaanbaatar. You will have many opportunities to enjoy natural scenery and landscape.
Stop to camp overnight at midway and end of services.

June to mid-September – contact us to book your dates

Confirmed dates:

please contact us to organise new dates

Tour grade: Easy – Moderate

Tour Price:

4 – 5 pax: 1’580 USD per person

2 – 3 pax: 1’800 USD per person

Price Includes:
Pick up / drop off (Airport: anytime, Ulaanbaatar city: 09:00 or 16:00)
English speaking tour guide
Horse fees & horse keeper
All meals
Accommodation in tent
Entrance fees to national parks