• Horse trek in the Altai Mountains

Altai Mountains high summits, culture and animals

This wonderful horse trek will take you deep into the beautiful Western Mongolia, home of the Kazakhs, Tubans and famous Eagle hunters. This makes it one of the regions with the most cultural diversity. The Altai Mountains marks the border with the Chinese, Russian and also Kazakh territories. Its landscape is also very different from the rest of the country, especially being at such a high altitude.

Accompanied by your amazing horses you will see the highest mountains of the country, glaciers, glacier lakes, rivers, steppe and a variety of landscapes that will make your trip unforgettable. Be aware this beautiful place comes to a price, the temperatures stay chilly even in summer.

As you will be travelling out of the beaten tracks, at some point during your trek, you will have to rely on camels to carry your equipment. This will allow you to meet another of Mongolia’s 5 livestock “Mal” animals. Camels have two bumps on their back and are only herded in Central Asia. This will therefore be a good opportunity to meet this strong and interesting animal.

You will also stop to meet locals from different ethnies. The Eagle hunters will introduce you to their hunting partners, while Tubans will introduce you to their shamanic beliefs. This trip will therefore also be an opportunity to learn and exchange with different cultures.

  • White River Valley in Altai Tavanbogd National Park
  • Tavanbogd massif and Potanina Glacier
  • Malchin Uul Summit.
  • Hoton, Green Lake
  • Ikh Turgen Uul And Khurgan lake & Baga Thurgen valley
  • Baga Thurgen valley.
  • Ulgii via  Snake Valley and Khovd river valley
  • Meet with Tubans, Kazakhs and Eagle hunters’ families.

Day 1: Flight To Ulgii & Tsagaan Gol, White River Valley in Altai Tavanbogd National Park
You will go to Ulaanbaatar airport where you will catch an early domestic flight to Ulgii, the most remote western town of Mongolia. You will meet your driver at Bayan Ulgii and start your 5 hours driver to reach the camp located in Altai Tavanbogd National Park where you will start your trek. The drive is of 180km, driving via Ulanhuis and seeing beautiful mountaineous landscape which will give you a first taste of the trek a head. At the camp you will meet a local nomadic family who will provide the horses for the trek.
Stay overnight in tents, next to the family’s camp.

Day 2: Horse trekking to the base camp of Tavanbogd Massif
You will meet your horses in the morning and start your horse trek adventure! You will ride to the base of the snow-capped Tavanbogd Massif and you will settle camp next to the 20km long Potanina glacier. It is the biggest out of the 20 glaciers present in the Mongolian Altai. The signification of Tavanbogd is “The Holy Five” referring to the five highest peaks of which Huiten Uul is the highest (4373m). You will enjoy the beautiful view of those 5 peaks during the sun set and sun rise.
Stay overnight in tents.

Day 3: Horse trekking to Malchin Uul Summit
In the morning, we ride or hike to the Malchin Mountain. It is lowest of the five highest peaks in Mongolia, with a height of 4050m. You will enjoy the wonderful view of all the peaks and the Potaina glacier as well as Russian and Kazakhstan territories. This peak marks the limit between the Mongolian and Russian border. If you wish to climb to this mountain discuss with your guides, many parameters such as the weather conditions have to be checked for your safety.
Stay overnight in tents at the base camp.

Day 4:   Horse Trekking to Tsagaan Gol the White River Valley.
Ride back to Tsagaan Gol valley where Tubans spend their summer. Tubans are shamans practicing real shamanic ceremonies, helping sick people, advising people and so on. In the evening you will visit a Tuban family and get introduced to their culture and beliefs and taste their homemade dairy products such as milk vodka, which is distilled from yogurt made from yak milk.
Overnight in tents near the nomadic family.

Days 5-7. Horse trekking to Hoton, Green Lake,
We will travel through the Altai mountains to the beautiful Hoton and Hurgan lakes areas. You will see the scenic valley which the locals named the Bear Valley. We are now in an area, where small streams develop into rivers fed by the melting glaciers flowing down steppe valleys.  You will be surrounded by forested hills of larch forests and mountains. You will visit at Kazakh nomadic family and stay overnight in tents in this stunning beautiful  area.

Day 8:  Horse Trekking around Hoton Lake via Green lake:
This full day of riding will take you in the steppe valley along the river that drains from the Altai Tavanbogd massif creating a series of beautiful lakes. You will set up camp on the shores of Hoton Lake. The area is below the snow capped Ikh Turgen Mountain. The campspot is located 3km from the China border. These are the summer pastures for Kazakh nomads. They are very friendly and hospitable people. You will visit a Kazakh family and get introduced to the Kazakh culture and their special Kazakh ger which are much bigger and taller than Mongolian or tuban gers.
Stay overnight in tents.

Day 9:  Horse Trekking to Ikh Turgen Uul And Khurgan lake & Baga Thurgen valley.
You will ride across the wildest territory of the region through the green pastures and empty steppe. Our trekking route reaches the extreme western edge of the country along the Russian and Kazakh border. We will explore the neighborhood areas including herds of cattle and horses. We will reach Khurgan Lake which is an alpine lake with islands and is 22 km long and 28m deep. The Khovd River flows from its eastern end.
Overnight in tents.

Day 10: Horse Trekking to Baga Thurgen valley.
You will ride fast enjoying amazing galloping through a plain filed to the Baga Turgen valley. The are is full of wild fruits such as gooseberry, Red and black currant. On the way back visit Kazakh nomads.
Stay overnight in tents.

Day  11:  To Ulgii via  Snake Valley and Khovd river valley:
Drive to Ulgii through Khovd river valley and visit a Turkic man stone left by Turkic migration between 7-9th century, and deer stones , they come from bronze age which is about 2000-4000 years ago in this region. You will meet an Eagle hunter’s family, talk about eagle hunting practices and see the magnificent Altai Golden Eagle.
Stay overnight in a hotel in Ulgii and enjoy a traditional Kazakh meal.

Day 12: Drive to airport for flight to Ulaan Bataar.
You will fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Choose between transfer to your accommodation in Ulaanbaatar or an extra night in a ger in Stepperiders ger camp.

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