• Horse Riding to Hustai National Park.

Observe wild horses’ last species in Hustai National Park

This horse trek will take you through Mongolia’s vast steppes, off the beaten trails, until you reach the famous Hustai National Park.  On the way you will discover lands where nomadic families have been raising their horses, sheep and yaks for centuries. Take breaks to meet herders and share stories around a cup of tea or fermented mare milk (airag). Riding through green hills and infinite grassland and camping on the river side, you will experience a true horseback experience while exploring wonderful places totally immersed in nature.
Hustai National Park is the home of the famous Takhi. This wild horse, also known as Przewalski, is the last species of true wild horses in the world who has never been domesticated. Saved from extinction and reintroduced in the wild in the late 80’s, the Takhi is still endangered and can only be observed in the wild in Mongolia. Hiking in the national park you will have the chance to see a herd of Takhi including stallions, mares and their lovely foals. This national park is also the home of red deers, wild boars, grey wolves, lynx and many more of which you might catch a glimpse. If you look up the sky you might see a golden eagle or one of the 200 species of birds sheltered by this park. This is park is a wonderful heaven for wildlife and a great opportunity for you to observe those beautiful animals.
During this trek, we will ride about 40-45km per day and be supported by a logistic vehicle.
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Possibility to do 7 days / 6 nights with a 2 days extension in the Bogd Khan Uul National Park

Day 1. Tuul River Valley.

Day 2. Visit of a nomadic family at Bayansongint Mountain.

Day 3-4. Hustai National Park & Wild Horses observation

Day 5. Head Out to Steppe Riders Base Camp.


Day 1. Horse Riding to Tuul River Valley.

Start your trek from Stepperider’s camp and ride to the Tuul river valley which is one of the longest rivers in Mongolia. We will quickly reach the open steppe where you will get to know your horse and have your first gallop with him. In the evening, you will camp along the Tuul river and enjoy a meal nicely prepared by your guide.

Day 2-3. Horse Riding to Nomadic Family at Bayansongint Mountain.

In the morning, we will continue our adventure riding along side of Tuul river. Enjoy watching birds, livestock and beautiful landscape from horseback. When the terrain allows it, we will do some more trotting and galloping having fun with our horses. You will see that the steppe has different landscapes to offer from the flat and infinite grassland to trees along the fresh river. In the afternoon, we will visit a nomadic family living in the valley of the Bayansongint mountain, part of the Hustai national park. We will learn from their life as nomads, share some traditional food and look at their animals. Why not try to milk a yak?!
In the evening, we will move to our camping place, at the bank of the river where you can enjoy a refreshing swim under the curious eyes of the horses.

Day 4. Hustai National Park & Wild Horses

You will go with your guide to explore the national park. You will see the Mongolian wild horses ‘Takhi’ also named after the Russian explorer Przwalskii and try to spot red deers and more wildlife. Be aware that domesticated horses are not allowed in the park, therefore you will go there with a vehicle. Go on short hikes to approach the wild horses and observe their fascinating social hierarchy.
Once you are done with the visit of the park, go back to your horses and, if time allows, go on a relaxing horse ride.

Day 5.  Head Out to Steppe Riders Base Camp.

We continue riding in a beautiful valley and mountains enjoying your last day with your faithful horse. Late in the afternoon, we will drive you back to Ulaanbaatar or to Stepperider’s camp. Say goodbye to your amazing horses and crew.
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Set departure tour, Dates & Tour Price:

mid-May to October – contact us to book your dates

Confirmed dates:

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Covering distance: 180km

Tour grade: Easy – Moderate

Tour Price (summer):

7 – 8 pax: 600 USD per person
4 – 6 pax: 660 USD per person
2 – 3 pax: 770 USD per person

With extension horse riding in Bogd Khan Uul National Park (+ 2 days)

7 – 8 pax: 830 USD
4 – 6 pax: 920 USD
2 – 3  pax: 1030 USD

Price Includes
Pick up / drop off (Airport: anytime, Ulaanbaatar city: 09:00 or 16:00)
Tour guide
Horse fees & horse keeper
All meals
Accommodation (tents)
Entrance fees for national parks