• Gobi & Khar Khorum Express

Express tour through the beautiful Gobi

This tour will take you to the Mongolian Gobi desert known as second largest desert in the World. Home of the historical remains of Genghis Khan and ancient nomad’s culture – UNESCO world heritage sites. First you will travel to vast Gobi desert to visit Khongoryn Els sand dunes – climbing and camel riding, Flaming Cliffs – cradle of dinosaurs, Vulture Valley – admire wildlife, and nature formations. Than we are heading to central Mongolia, visiting at Kara Korum – Ancient capital, first Mongolian Buddhist monastery – Erdene Zuu and enjoy watching wildlife and landscape. We will drive on nature road and our driving distance would be about 250km for per day. On the way, we will visit at nomadic families and get introduction of their unique lifestyle. Every day, we set up our tents nearby beautiful camping spots based on our scheduled distances and sleep under starry nights.

Dates:  7 days / 6 nights

Day 1. Tsagaan Suvarga Mud Stone Nature Formations

Day 2. Yolyn Am – Vulture Valley

Day 3.  Khongoryn Els – Sand Dunes

Day 4. Climbing the sand dunes & Camel Riding

Day 5. Bayan Zag – Flaming Cliffs

Day 6. Ancient capital Kara Korum City

Day 7. Hustai National Park to see wild horses

Day 1. Tsagaan Suvarga Mud Stone Nature Formations.

We will travel to the famous Mongolian Gobi desert which occupies one third of the country’s total area. We will stop at the Tsagaan Suvarga mud stone nature formation and go hiking around.
Stay overnight in tents.

Day 2. Yolyn Am – Vulture Valley

We will start traveling to Yolyn Am, known as ‘Vulture Valley’, and the Dungene valley. This wonderful picturesque place has ice even in summer, and is surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. Enjoy a short hike and to take pictures of this exceptional landscape and wildlife. You will then visit the Gobi museum. These areas are located in what is called “the Three Beauty of Gobi mountain national park” which covers the most southern points of the Altai Mountains.
Stay overnight in tents, in a valley of mountains.

Day 3.  Khongoryn Els – Sand Dunes

We will drive to the sand dunes called Khongoryn Els.  It is one of the largest sand dunes in the country and it lies 125km long, 20km wide and 400m high. It can be a big challenge to climb to summit and capturing some photos of sun set and rise. Camping overnight at tents, nearby sand dunes.

Day 4. Climbing to the sand dunes & Camel Riding.

We will do camel riding in the sand dunes and visit a camel riding family. We can re climb and hike to the top of the largest sand dunes again and take more photos.
Stay overnight at tents, under starry night.

Day 5. Bayan Zag – Flaming Cliffs

In the morning, we will drive 4 hours to the famous Bayan zag, Falming Cliffs, where important fossils have been found. It was indeed the place where first dinosaur fossils where discovered. It became famous after the visit of American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1920s. There is also a picturesque saxaul forest after which this place was name and colorful rocks.
Stay overnight in tents, next to nearby cliffs.

Day 6. Ancient capital Kara korum City.

In the morning, we will drive through rolling hills to reach Kara Korum the ancient political capital of Mongolia during 13th century, for about 40 years before Khublai Khan decided to moved it. It is located in Central Mongolia. We will visit a local museum and the first Mongolian Buddhist monastery Erdene zuu which was built after the destruction of the city.
Stay overnight at tents, bank of Orkhon river side.

Day 7. Hustai National Park to see wild horses.

We will start our journey to Hustai early in the morning to make sure to be on time to see the Takhi, the Mongolian wild horses and other wildlife. We will take the time to walk around hoping to spot takhis, red deers and other animals.
Then we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. End of services.

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