• Bogd Khan Uul National Park

Bogd Khan Uul National Park

Ride to the famous Bogd Khan Uul National park which is the first national park of the world. Protected since 1783 it is home to over 220 types of plants and many animals including grey wolves, marmots and squirrels. It is a rich and enchanting landscape with remains of Mongolia’s Buddhist culture.
The Manzushir Monastery is the highlight of this trek. Destroyed during the communist era it has been partly rebuilt after Mongolia’s independence in the early 90s. This important cultural site will show you the extent of  Buddhism in Mongolia before repression.  Walk through its ruins, visit its museum and learn about its past history.
After the visit of the Bogd Khan Uul National park we will take you in the steppe. Riding your wonderful horse you’ll observe livestock grazing peacefully in Mongolia’s infinite nature. At the end of the day, your guide will introduce you to a nomadic family. And why not sharing a glass of milk tea or airag (fermented mare’s milk)? You will have the opportunity to ask questions and observe this nomadic culture preserved for centuries.
Both nights will be spent under a sky full of stars sharing stories with your guide around a nice Mongolian style meal.
Your trek will end at Stepperiders sharing your adventures with other guests on our terrace. Enjoy a last cup of tea while watching the horsemen herding our horses.
 Duration 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1. Bogd Khan Uul National Park

Day 2. Visit of Manzushir Monastery ruins & visit of a Nomadic Family.

Day 3. Back to Steppe Riders Camp.

Day 1. Ride to Bogd Khan Uul National Park

On your first day, ride from the Stepperiders camp to the Bogd Khan National Park to enjoy the beauty of the open steppe and mountain scenery. You will camp in the forest with your guide who will cook dinner and teach you about Mongolian culture.

Day 2. Ride to Ruins of Manzushir Monastery & visit of a Nomadic Family.

Continue your journey through the highlands of the Bogd Khaan Uul National Park until you reach the 17th century build Manzushir monastery. In the afternoon, you will trek to a nomadic family’s home.

Day 3. Ride Back to Steppe Riders Camp.

On your last day, you will ride back to the Stepperiders campsite and enjoy the charm of the steppe for one last time. Once at camp you will relax from the trek with a warm cup of tea in one of our welcoming gers.

Available every day from April to mid-October

Tour grade: suitable for all levels

Covering distance: about 25km per day

Tour price: 450 USD

Pick up / drop off (Airport: anytime, Ulaanbaatar city: 09:00 or 16:00)
All meals
Camping equipment
National park entrance fees