• About our camp

About our camp

Nestled in serene surroundings just an hour’s drive from Ulaanbaatar, Stepperiders is a family-owned ger and horse-trekking camp. We offer different holiday packages according to your needs: you can come for a day ride, stay in one of our gers for a few nights, or go on a longer trek in one of the national parks.

Stepperiders Camp and Riding Mongolia


Our camp is your perfect countryside escape. While here, you will stay in one of our typical Mongolian gers – a ger is a round tent covered in felt and canvas, with 4 beds and a stove in the middle. It’ll give you a great idea of how nomadic families live all across the country.


In the middle of the camp, we have our communal tent we call “the Big Ger”, where we relax, chat and share our meals. The food here, cooked by our own chef, is hearty and will give you a good flavor of Mongolian cuisine – as well as energy to ride all day. Once in a while, we’ll make a khorkhog, a typical Mongolian lamb barbecue prepared with hot stones. But don’t worry – we also cater to veggies!

Stepperiders Camp and Riding Mongolia


Importantly for you to know, we offer perfect immersion in the Mongolian experience. Yes, this means no electricity or running water! Instead of playing on our phones, we spend our days riding across the steppe, and in the evenings we talk about everything and anything, or relax in front of a bonfire.

We do have the luxury of a well-built, clean outhouse with Western-style toilet seats. There is also a shower room with water heated by solar panels, which means that you can take a warm shower most of the time!


As a guest in our camp, you will go on horseback rides twice a day in the stunning hills that surround the camp. You’ll get to see herds of livestock, the bluest sky in the world and the famous, endless Mongolian steppe. And of course, our horsemen won’t resist the chance to show off some of their incredible riding skills… But even if you’re a complete beginner to horse riding yourself, we’ll ensure that your horse is suited to your ability and that you have a great time.

How to Book

Stay per night (includes pick-up, food and riding): $95

Day riding: $75

Booking is easy – just send us an email on info@stepperiders.mn or give us a call on one of the numbers listed at the top of this website. We look forward to welcoming you to our camp!

Stepperiders Camp and Riding Mongolia

See you soon!