Winter riding

1We offer day trips and you are more than welcome to stay the night in our warm traditional gers.
Winter riding is just as enjoyable as it is in the summer, if not more!
The beautiful snowy landscape is sure to take your breath away.
Are you stressed?  Are noise and air pollution wearing on you inside and out?
Getting away from the city might be just what you need to refresh and recharge your batteries!!

.At Stepperiders, you will find nothing but pure fresh air in a tranquil natural setting. In the evenings, you can snuggle up in one of our warm cozy gers, with a cup of warm traditional Mongolian milk tea.

Is it cold?

But in Mongolia there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes for the job.  =)
Bring plenty of warm comfortable clothing and you will truly enjoy the crisp, clean Mongolian winter.
We’ll make sure to have a warm ger, hot tea and satisfying lunch ready for you when you come back from your ride.



What to bring:
–    a good winter jacket
–    A pair of warm gloves
–    Extra socks are essential!
–    Long johns or tights are a good idea
–    We have large helmets with enough room for a warm hat or two =)
–    A scarf to keep your neck, chin and mouth warm.
–    Sunblock.  We get lots of sun out here throughout the winter!  It is lovely to see and feel the sun on a clear

winter’s day. Staying protected is important since the sun is reflected off the snow and becomes very strong.Staying the night?We’ll make a nice warm fire in your ger before you head to bed, and we’ll provide plenty of wood so you can keep the fire going as you wish, although you will find that traditional Mongolian gers provide excellent insulation so hold heat extremely well. We will also make sure that in the morning you wake up to a nice warm ger!In winter because of the cold temperatures we don’t sell beverages and snacks like we do in the summer.
We provide tea and coffee all day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Therefore you are more than welcome to bring whatever else your heart may desire during your stay!

Come and experience the true beauty of Mongolia’s winter season, as well as the genuine hospitality of our family.  We look forward to meeting you!