Solo Horse Trekking in Mongolia

Have you ever been dreaming about riding solo across Mongolia? To make this dream come true there’s a lot you need to know. At Stepperiders we will teach you everything you need to know in a condensed time frame. Get no-nonsense, down-to-earth planning and advice including:

  • buying horses: Stepperiders sells reliable horses for solo-trek
  • tack: saddles, bridles, etc. We will take you to Naraantuul Market and help you buy what you need or you can directly rent the equipment from us.
  • route planning: available grass and water, sites to see, navigation technique.
  • accommodation: how to ask for lodging in a family ger, how much to pay.
  • provisions: what to take, what to buy a long the way, managing pack horses.
  • culture: customs, taboos, dos and don’ts.
  • language: essential Mongolian language phrases.
  • when you need help: how to get it when you need it.
  • health and safety: first aid for you and your horse, plus dangers and annoyances, horse thieves.
  • behind those big brown eyes: understanding the Mongolian horse.

You will decide how many days you want to stay and which topics you need to cover. Usually people train for 5 to 7 days before to start their solo trek.

We charge $65 per person per day for solo training, this includes the meals and accommodation in a ger. You will be training with the experienced guides of the company, so please decide on your dates as soon as possible, then contact us to get your deposit in to lock in those dates.


Tuomas (Finland),

“I first made contact with Stepperiders nearly 3 months ago. I came to them with dozens of questions about how to do a solo horse trip through Mongolia. They were extremely informative and invited me to stay at Stepperiders while I became accustomed to Mongolia. After spending a week with Stepperiders, I felt very comfortable setting off on my own. I have been introduced to customs and ways of life I would have otherwise stumbled over throughout my trip. Thank you very much Stepperiders.”

Joshua (USA),

“I wanted to try independent travelling by horse in Mongolia… and I discovered Stepperiders! I thought that meeting them would be a good preparation for getting out there on my own… Err, I was wrong: It was AWESOME !!! Definitely stay a couple of days with them, and they will let you know all that you need about preparing a trip, buying horses, choosing your equipment, behaving with the Mongolians…Cheers all, Stepperiders is bound to succeed!!!”

Adrien (France),

“I really recommend Stepperiders if you are planning to do solo horse trekking. Unless you speak Mongolian, it`s going to be very hard to buy the horses and tack etc. without someone helping you ( or you will end up paying much more.)  Before my trek I stayed few days with Stepperiders and we covered all the things I needed to know when I was riding alone. They really worked a lot to find good horses for me that would be able to do the job. I also stayed there few days after the trek and I felt more like a family member than a customer.”