Central & Northern Mongolia Tour.

From Genghis Khan’s capital to the reindeer herders

Our Central and Northern Mongolia tour brings you to unspoiled and famous destinations, home of nomadic families and their grazing livestock. Travel with us to discover wild and vast landscapes, nomadic life, wildlife, traditional culture and history of the country.

This tour starts with the visit of Mongolia’s wild horses at Hustai national park. The Takhi, the last species of wild horses in the world, can only be observed in the wild here in Mongolia.
Later, you will have the opportunity to experience camel riding in the Gobi desert and enjoy a small hike in the area. While heading towards the North, stop in Central Mongolia to visit Mongolia’s ancient capital, Kara Khorum, and the Buddhist Monastery Erdene Zuu. On your journey up North pause to hot springs, extinct volcanoes and, finally, the Great White Lake National Park.

At last you will reach the beautiful Lake Huvsgul and meet with the very special reindeer herders. You will have the chance to ask them many question about their lifestyle and enjoy meeting with their friendly reindeer. On the way back towards Ulaanbaatar, visit the Amarbayasgalant 17th century monastery, Uran Togoo extinct volcano and modern towns. Take breaks to visit nomadic families with whom you will share some milk tea.

Every night, you will camp in beautiful spots, free of people. You will enjoy the nice meals prepared by your guides and spend the evening playing cards, singing or relaxing.

Dates: 11 days / 10 nights

Gobi & Khar Khorum Tour.

Tour through stunning geological formations

This tour will take you to the Mongolian Gobi desert known as second largest desert in the World. Home of the historical remains of Genghis Khan and ancient nomad’s culture – UNESCO world heritage sites. First you will travel to vast Gobi desert for visiting at Khongoryn Els sand dunes – climbing and camel riding, Flaming Cliffs – cradle of dinosaurs, Vulture Valley – admire wildlife, and nature formations. Than we are heading to central Mongolia, visiting at Kara Korum – Ancient capital, first Mongolian Buddhist monastery – Erdene Zuu and enjoy watching wildlife and landscape. We will drive on nature road and our driving distance would be about 250km for per day. On the way, we will visit at nomadic families and get introduction of their unique lifestyle. Every day, we set up our tents nearby beautiful camping spots based on our scheduled distances and sleep under starry nights.

Dates: 9nights / 10days

Discovery Mongolia Tour.

From South to North, all in 16 days

In the Discovery Mongolia tour, we offer you the combination of the best highlights of the country for your vacation in Mongolia.

We will start the tour exploring the Gobi desert region that covers one third of the country’s total area. Among many things you will see ice in the Vulture Valley and beautiful sand dune at Khongoryn Els. For fans of natural formations you will explore the Flaming Cliffs, Baga Gazar rocky mountain and Tsagaan Suvraga. Finally, before leaving this area we will have a last visit dedicated to the Ongi temple ruins.

Traveling through the vast steppes of Central Mongolia, we will stop to explore Kara Khorum the legendary capital of Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Empire. During this pause we will visit the Buddhist Erdene Zuu Monastery and a local museum about the history of this city.

Then we will head towards the North, stopping on the way to many fascinating places. You will have a break at the Tsenher Hot Springs before a hike around an extinct volcano and the Great White Lake.
After that you will enjoy the beauty of the Huvsgul Lake where you will hike and meet reindeer herders. The surrounding of Lake Huvsgul is beautiful with rich flora and many animals.

It will then be time the head back towards Ulaanbaatar. On the way we will stop to visit the second largest Buddhist monastery Amarbayasgalant and the Uran Togoo extinct volcano mountain.

Every day we will set our tents in beautiful places where you will merge with nature. You will enjoy the nice meals prepared by your guides and spend the evenings playing cards or singing around a warm fire.

Dates: 16 days / 15 nights