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Bogd Khan Uul National Park

622854_10151145513886204_234276614_oEnjoy the beautiful scenery in the protected park above the valley of Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar. Established in 1778, the Bogd Khaan Uul National Park is one of the world’s oldest national parks. In fact, the park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on August 6, 1996 in the Culture category for its natural and cultural significance.It is home to diverse wildlife such as wolves, foxes, and endangered hare and deer, some of which you may be able to spot in your time there.

This trek is flexible based on your skill level and interests. You can hike to the summit of Tsetseegun Uul, the park’s highest peak at 2256m, discover ruins of the Manzushir monastery on the park foot-side, and explore Zuun Mod city, the capital of the Tuv province. The trek also includes an overnight stay with a nomadic family where you will learn about unique nomadic traditions.

Day 1. Bogd Khan Uul National Park

On the first day, we will ride from the Stepperiders camp to the Bogd Khan National Park to enjoy the beauty of the open steppe and mountain scenery. We will camp in the forest with our excellent guides who will cook dinner and teach you about Mongolian culture.

Day 2. Ride to Ruins of Manzushir Monastery & Stay at Nomadic Family.

We will continue our journey through the highlands of the Bogd Khaan Uul National Park until we reach the 17th century build Manzushir monastery. In the afternoon, we will trek to a nomadic family who will host us for the night and show us their way of life.

Day 3. Ride Back to Steppe Riders Camp.

On our last day, we will ride back to the Stepperiders campsite and enjoy the charm of the steppe for one last time. We will relax from the trek with a warm cup of tea in one of our welcoming gers.

Tour price: 280 USD.

Includes: Pick up or drop off, all meals, accommodation, camping equipment, entrance fees, bottled water.