• Booking info

Arrival: We would like you to stay with us the evening before your trek, because your trek will start after breakfast the next day. We’d like to give you the maximum riding time possible and if we have to pick you up at your hotel in the morning it will reduce the available time.

Shared Accommodation: Our accommodation is on a shared basis. We do our best to give you privacy, but sometimes we have a lot of people and two or more parties may share a ger. Meeting other travellers can be part of the fun!

Last Minute: No problem. Just keep in mind that we can’t guarantee you will get what you want. For any trek of 3+ days we strongly recommend reservations. We’d hate to disappoint you.

Payment: To reserve a trek we require a 20% nonrefundable deposit payable with Paypal. Once we have received your reservation, we will send you an electronic invoice for your deposit. At Stepperiders camp we accept US Dollars and Mongolian Togrog.

Personal Danger: Horseback riding is a dangerous activity. You can be seriously injured and you may be hours or days from major medical care. You need to understand this and be willing to accept 100% of the risk yourself. (Stepperiders is not liable for any illness, injury or death sustained while using our services.)